"Population: A whole lot of nice people"
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4874 Harding Hwy W.
Marion, Ohio 43302
4350 DeCliff - Big Island Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302
Located at the corner of
DeCliff - Big Island Rd. and Bumford Rd.
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Make sure your mailbox is set up according to the US Postal regulations. Problems often encountered are mailboxes that are neglected and posts that have deteriorated over time.
Check the stability of your post, making sure it is secure in the ground. If it is loose, buy a bag of gravel mix and pack it down around the base at ground level.
Wash and wax your mailbox. Using simple dishwashing soap and warm water thoroughly wash the box inside and out. Then apply a thin coat of regular car wax to the entire box. The wax protects the paint finish similar to your car.
If you live in a dimly lit area, you may want to install reflectors on your mailbox and post. The Department of Transportation recommends using blue or clear reflectors as opposed to red or orange because these colors are often confused with tail lights.
Keep area around your mailbox clear of snow piles or any debris. The less you have around the post itself the less less likely the mailbox will become a casualty of the snowplow.
In the areas that get a great deal of snow, people have started attaching large board planks against their mailboxes to protect them from the plows.
If you live on a township road that is maintained by Big Island Township and your mailbox falls victim to the township snowplow, please contact one of tour township trustees and you will be reimbursed $40.
October 2017 Newsletter